turbotrader2 vs strategyrunner

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  1. I had a problem with the jtrader freezing up on me so I now am using strategyrunner, it was good but it freezes up when the market moves and I want to scalp so I'm looking at the turbotrader2 platform its not a patsystem so I'm hoping it will stop the freezing. I disabled the virus scan and the firewall from mcaffe and I also have stragey desk from ameritrade that runs good so I don't think its my connection. Anybody use the turbotrader2 from Global. Is anybody else having a freeze up problem with the stategyrunner?
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    I think Turbotrader2 is a great platform. Definitely an upgrade from J-Trader in my opinion. It sounds like the issues you are having my not be related to the software itself though.

    The most useful piece of advice I can give is to talk to the technicians at Global Futures. Those guys have always been very helpful and I'm sure they'll get to the bottom of the issue. I've got friends who use Strategy Runner and haven't heard any complaints from them about freeze ups.

  3. Just go to NinjaTrader.

    It's easier to work with than all of the systems that you just listed, has more support and you <strike>won't</strike> should not have have the freezing issues that you are currently experiencing.

    If you do continue to experience problems it is probably your computer.

  4. I'm going to try the strategyrunner again tomorrow and if it fails then I will call Global, like you say they have great customer service but I thought maybe somebody had used both of these platforms and the turbotrader2 was better then i'd rather download that and spend time making that one work then get the strategyruner to work and then switch