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  1. I was looking at taxact this morning. Any thought about that one?
  2. No good deed goes unpunished. It's on turbotax website - what's the problem? :confused:
  3. well. turbo tax is not going to give it away free so there has to be a catch.
  4. But they are! WTF?
  5. Lucrum


    I'm waiting on the Geithner version of turbo tax. I understand you're guaranteed to pay less, and if caught cheating, there are no penalties.
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    I have used TaxAct for years. It's free for Federal, and as far as I know the only one that handles 8-digit investment purchase/sale amounts.
  7. with so many phish email scams out there you have to be suspect.
  8. No, it's not a scam. I do not post crappy stuff. Intuit actually gave the full version of TurboTax Business away last year, of which I took advantage of. No charge - it was free. They are doing it again this year, but slight crippleware (as I have mentioned in my first post).

    Intuit figures:
    a) If it's your first time using TT Biz, they gain a new customer, and next year you will buy full version to transfer 2009 information to 2010
    b) You still get charged $50 for doing your state return & efile)
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