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    You may want to read the following articles before you shell out $40 for TurboTax Deluxe 2002 this year.

    Intuit is following in the footsteps of Microsoft XP by adding ProductActivation to TurboTax software. When you install TurboTax, it installs some protection software called CDILLA which *always* is running on your machine, even if you aren't running TurboTax. You cannot run TurboTax on multiple machines without buying another copy. If in the future, say next year, you need to go back and revise your tax return, you better hope you still have the same PC, otherwise the Intuit TurboTax won't work, and you will have to contact Intuit who may ask you to pay up again.

    I don't mind some form of anti-piracy protection, but this isn't the answer. They need to find a better way to tie each copy to a person / taxpayer ID.

    I am seriously considering switching to TaxCut instead of TurboTax. TaxCut is cheaper plus doesn't have this annoying ProductActivation crap.

    Intuit (INTU) Management believes this could increase sales by 5-100%, customers be damned! They don't care if the ProductActivation CDILLA worm causes headaches for honest, loyal customers.

    1/9/03 "TurboTax anti-piracy code spurs backlash"

    1/10/03 "TurboTax Customers Strike a Blow Against Intuit "

    People are really flaming TurboTax 2002 on the amazon website. There are already 195 reviews for TurboTax 2002, most of them scathing:

  2. i used the 2002 turbo tax without any problems. its true it only works on one machine this year. you can install and use it as many times as you want on multiple machines but can only print off one machine. its a little aggravating but still useable.
    they did fix the problem of 9,999,999 number limit in past years.
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    I sent email to Intuit Support complaining about the ProductActivation, and they finally responded.


    Dear XXX,

    Sorry for the delay in responding, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience that TurboTax has caused you. I am responding to the email you sent regarding your displeasure with the use of C-Dilla/SafeCast in the TurboTax program. The reason we chose to utilize SafeCast is to ensure that TurboTax is used in accordance with the Turbo Tax Software License and Services Agreement. For more information regarding SafeCast/C-Dilla, please click here http://www.turbotaxsupport.com/default.asp?platform=1&docid=815 and go to "About Macrovision SafeCast Technology and C-Dilla" under the General section. Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish between the honest customers such as you and the small amount that are attempting to commit fraudulent actions. The file that TurboTax creates is only there to enable the TurboTax program. It does not collect any personal information nor does it transfer any personal information to anyone or anywhere. The file contains information that is specific to your computer configuration and the unique activation code that comes with the TurboTax product. This number is random in nature and is only associated with the product activation code that came with the TurboTax product. We have provided an uninstaller to remove SafeCast from your computer after TurboTax is used and uninstalled and that can be found on our website (http://www.turbotaxsupport.com/default.asp?platform=1&docid=815) by going to "How do I uninstall Turbo Tax 2002 and remove the associated Macrovision SafeCast (C-Dilla) components from my computer?" in the General section. There may be other programs on your system that are running a version of C-Dilla/SafeCast, but the version that Intuit chose to use does not disable or limit the functions of any hardware or peripheral devices.

    If you need to run TurboTax from the same or different computer a year from now, you will not need to go through the activation process. After October 16, 2003, you can run the TurboTax software without having to activate it.

    We would never violate your privacy or trust by installing spyware in any of our products. Here at Intuit, we are constantly looking for ways to make sure that we meet our customers' needs so if you have any other input on how to improve the process, please feel free to let me know. Once again I am sincerely sorry for any problems that may have been caused and hope that you give Intuit and our products a chance in the near future.


    Executive Response Team
    Intuit, Inc.


    I found this part amusing:

    "Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish between the honest customers such as you and the small amount that are attempting to commit fraudulent actions."

    What is funny is when I listened to the INTU conference call, the CEO said that this ProductActivation would increase sales 5-100%. I guess we'll see when they report earnings next Q.
  4. I won't have a problem.

    I rarely have my taxes completed by Oct 16, of any year....