Turbo Trader ll

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Swan Noir, May 7, 2010.

  1. Has anyone used Turbo Trader ii through RCG? Opinions please for execution only ... not charting.
  2. elite53


    have used it, but i am only a beginner without a lot of experience.
    the ttrader seems to work okay and quickly makes fills. the price seems to be accurate ( with the proact transact there was a definite delay in prices. always following the market. however i am in the Mideast - Israel so that may be the reason even though there seems to be no similar lag on the tt2) there is a draw back with the turbo t that you have to get used to canceling all orders after a fill, because on my screen there is not enough room to enlarge all the available windows in the program. for instance, the order window works chronologically and if you do a number of trades one of the previous orders could be still open but not visible unless you enlarge that window. a hidden order from early in the day caused me a nice loss. for some reason they only offer a demo for 2 weeks and no live simulation. hope this helps.
  3. Thanks Elite. It is of some help.