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    Any experiences with the software Turbo Excel - which reportedly converts spreadsheets and VB macros into C++ code? I wonder how encompassing it really is. Can it faithfully replicate spreadsheet functionality into C++ that can then be used by any given API?
  2. I took a quick look at the web site. I see no reason why it would not work, but you have to be aware that you are removing Excel from the equation - thus the GUI. So, once you have compiled your code, you still need to hook it into a GUI (using Excel, C++, Java, VB, etc and so on).

    Depends on your needs - what is it you want to do with it?
  3. This is pretty cool software but is limited in that workbooks with any GUI or event logic will lose that functionality. I have asked the company if they have any plans in the future to produce an EXE file from the XLS source code. This is an enormous task however.
    The one thing this software is useful for is locking-up some computational work that otherwise would be exposed to the public. As you know, the VBA security of Excel has been hacked and there are no proprietary workbooks as of Office 2003.
  4. Could someone post a link to the TurboExcel software site.
    can't find it and any other excel converting software link you know, please.

  5. thanks for the link.
    if you know about any Excel=>C++ dictionaries or manuals or books/other resources, please let me know,

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    converting to C++ from spreadsheet, wow.
    I wish they have similar tool to convert Wealth-lab's ChartScripts!
  7. Thanks so much for the links.
    I also want to exchange some info.
    There is totally new platform coming, perhaps even better then TradeStation or WelthLab. It is still in beta, but coming soon. I am betting on that one:

    Light version doesn't support any strategies and is pretty much an empty core but looks solid - no fluff and stable. I think overall concept is right - data flexibility, broker support flexibility, modern code support - C++ and VB with no proprietary QuasiEasy Fortran limitations.
    Hope they will deliver what they promise and extra TurboExcel support would be a big plus, because there is so much excel modeling going with no efficent means to implement it.
    Better then that could be only multi OS platform working on Unix and Mac.

    Wait and see.:)