Tup 05/18

Discussion in 'Trading' started by alanm, May 18, 2005.

  1. alanm


    Last night (17th may) after hours, some people started selling TUP down 2-3% from the NYSE close. No news was in evidence in all the usual places. This morning, it continued to be offered down, worsening to -5%, which is about where it opened.

    The first news item I can find (apparently the news to which the drop is attributed - about Vorwerk's sale), appeared as a Comtex article quoting BizWire at 09:17 ET this morning. I subscribe to DJ, Comtex, BizWire, PRWire, etc., and searched on Google news and looked at the Yahoo message board as well.

    Did anyone else catch this news last night when some others seemed to know about it? Any other search recommendations?

    I'm guessing that it probably appeared on some non-mainstream German newspaper's online edition late the previous night, which hasn't been hit yet by the search engines - something that would probably be impractical to deal with in the future.

    (NB: I'm quite experienced at after-hours trading - it's almost all I do. I'm looking for specific info about what I could have done to find this particular news earlier.)