Tunisia, then Egypt, now Yemen ....

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  1. They are all muslim countries and it is supposed to be about economics. So why was the Islamic School of banking viewed as being an alternative to the current crisis if this is happening?
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    An exploding poor global Muslim population concentrated mostly in Arab countries that doubled in just a couple of decades and stands now at 2 billions.

    Food riots and wars.
    Radical religious groups like Islamic brotherhood seizing control from moderate secular regimes on their goal towards global islamisation.

    Europe still has it's head in the sand while the horde overruns it's cities. Their politically correctness and openness is their undoing.

    Allah u akbar and death to the infidels!

    God, I love to rant!
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    The moderate secular regimes are in fact dictatorial puppet regimes imposed by CIA, to protect american interests in the area, and to use the country as a base for american military operations. All three of them, Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt. No wonder america is not very popular with the common folk, and islamic radical groups are eager to take control.
  5. US army and CIA should charge hefty fee for services to 'american interests' to pay for recovery in US. Now 'american interests' get free ride. Free protection from US army, cia - paid by taxpayer and accumulating profits overseas without paying taxes.
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    The countries in question don't enforce Islamic banking laws.
  7. Whether the laws are enforced or not if the people are muslim they will seek the Islamic banking model.
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    As a matter of fact the people of the countries in question have shown little interest in Islamic banking.
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