Tulsi Gabbard to join the dem clown parade

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  1. When too many is not enough.

    Keep em coming.

    Don't want to run out of dem candidates.

    Interesting background though. So why not.

    Just hope she does not disgrace herself by having her hair done or teeth cleaned on youtube, the way other women such as Beto would.

    Not sure who her base is being a hindu iraq war veteran who embarassingly cozied up to Assad, but, I will watch. Her campaign. Not mine. She is part Samoan. Not sure how much Samoan you have to be to be equivalent to 1/1064 native north american, but the dems can fight it out.

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  2. I have a lot of time for Tulsi. She backs Trump on getting out of our ridiculous foreign adventures. Having a president who refused to get us involved in pointless wars would be a good start.
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  3. She would be a new face but at the same time she has been around long enough to have been in the middle of the dnc swamp and has some baggage/memories from that. You may recall that she was vice-chair of the DNC, but then she stepped down from that because she did not want to be neutral any longer as a DNC person and wanted to come out in support of Bernie. She hates both Hillary and Wasserman, bigtime. That pretty well rocked some boats with the dnc duds bigtime. So she is tight with the bernie type progressives, but at the same time has a history of some kind mutual admiration love fest with Steve Bannon. Go figure.

    Heh, voters gonna need an app to figure her out. But there is not much else going on in dem village of any interest so far so probably she will get quite a bit of attention, unless there is a pent-up demand to hear more of hillary, warren, biden, gillibrand, etc.. Sure, Kamala Harris is there but she is about a 5-watt bulb.

    Be interesting if the only candidate in both the dem and pub primaries who is a veteran is Tulsi. Could be others, I just can't think of them right now. Maybe Fauxcahontis was at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
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  5. Where she will pick up some speed is if Bernie does not run- in which case he will campaign hard for her and he is a formidable campaigner among progressives. The Bernie-got-a-raw-deal-last-time crowd out there is sizeable and is looking to even that score. Keith Ellison was Bernie's designated protege but he has a problem with beating women so that is not going to work out.

    So next up is Tulsi, who fiercely acquired Bernie cred by resigning from the dnc to support Bernie. Dont underestimate Bernie in his last hurrah. He may be old but he is like an old rabbit hound. Doesnt matter how old the dog is. He sees you picking up your shotgun and heading for the door, and he is fired up and ready to go. No watching Price is Right for a true rabbit dog. Whoever/whomever inherits the energy and drive of Bernie's last hurrah will be getting a big campaign gift- at least in the primary and among lefties. Bernie is not a late-to-the-party progressive, socialist like the others. He was hard-wired at birth to be a commie and has been out on that rabbit trail his entire life. Clinton never went to wisconsin/michigan, much anyway. On the other hand, Bernie has been there dozens of time JUST SINCE HE LOST IN THE LAST ELECTION. It's what he does.

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  6. It will be interesting to see how far left a crowded dem field will pull each other. Will they take the gloves off and launch a few solid punches at each other, or politely disagree as happened during the 2016 DNC orchestrated fiasco?
  7. Yep. Delicate dance as always in primaries. In the end you want to win and you need the support and endorsement of the others and their voters as they drop out. Makes it difficult to rip them too hard and say that only an idiot would vote for that chowderhead, and then a couple months later ask for their support.

    Sometimes that "polite disagreement" that you mentioned falls apart too. Bernie voters chanting "lock her up" at Hillary, would be an example of such and same. Not a lot of kumbaya there. Man, that was fugly.

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    Tony Stark

    One will surely kick Trumps ass in 2020.Cant wait to bump these threads:)
  9. Will Trump be Re-elected in 2020? YES or NO?
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    Tony Stark

    Hell no.
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