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    i think the long term outlook for tulips is certainly bullish. We could approach the contract highs set in february of 1637. Probably a good time to buy deep OTM calls.
  2. I think tulip prices have no where to go but up. It is different this time!
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    I'd agree but better get into this one early and go all in.
  4. It's time to hit the bid.

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    If anyone is interested in swaping his brewery against my quality tullip bulbs, please PM.:D
  6. I'm long daffodil CDO's.

    You know what they say; daffodils are the poor man's tulip.
  7. Ag futures are growth markets, just be sure not to soil yourselves.
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    Going back to their Dutch roots I believe ING is considering offering a tulip ETF. Should keep the bulls a charging.
  9. Problems could stem from such branching out.
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