TUI Trading based in Lake Worth, FL

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  1. Anybody heard of them? It seems sketchy, after googling all I can find is a Linkedin page with no comments on it, and that's it. Lake Worth is generally a shit hole, especially being a few miles south of West Palm and Palm Beach I have no idea why a "professional" prop trading firm would choose to be there. If anybody has any knowledge or experience please share it.
  2. Another unregistered LLC. Stay away. These firms are being shut down by the SEC and you will probably lose any money you have there.
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    What are you trying to do? We have a trading floor in Delray Beach for emerging hedge funds and for the trader who aspires to be a fund manager. We are not a prop shop.

    Please let me know if I can help.
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    People say this since 2008 again and again. I dont know any LLC next to Tuco that has been shut down by the SEC.
  6. Actually the SEC has been very active shutting these down!!! In fact, they just shut down 2 more in the last month or so: Lake St Trading and BSI.