Tuesday: Red or Green ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wiesman02, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. I know there's no sense in trying to predict the market, but I'm still interesting in your opinions of what Tuesday will bring.

    Personally I'm still bearish on the big guys.....Shorting (puts) GOOG and AAPL before the bell into tomorrow morning.

    I think Tuesday will be red triple digits.
  2. Go to Hell!!

    Its going to be 3 digit green!!
  3. RED
  4. The market reminds me of water sloshing in a bucket. Doesn't matter what started it, who and why continue pushing it for volatility sake.
  5. red
  6. One more thought nutmeg, don't pay attention to who is talking and what is being said, pay attention to who is not talking.
  7. j1900q


    who cares. we test the lows soon. enough said.
    trade well
  8. F'n 3 digit gains in futures. Guess green again.
  9. Wall street must be on vacation, the children are playing. If my assumption is correct this shid will continue till labor day. When the traders return they'll straighten this out after labor day.
  10. j1900q


    This is the soon I was talking about.
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