Tuesday Aug 9 - FOMC Meeting Announcement

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  1. Tuesday Aug 9 - FOMC Meeting Announcement

    Remember .........
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    BUBBLE ben bernanke will do anything to create higher equity prices, you can count on it, any bull worried about the 10% drop should just sit back and relax, BUBBLE ben bernanke will intorduce QE3 in a matter of weeks and before you know it inflation will be running rampant as commodity prices sore and the dollars becomes more worthless. Cant wait to see what he has to say, ohhh its going to be great. How many more ways are they going to come up with ways to fix this worthless economy, what ever they are doing isnt going to change anything, if anything its only going to create more future problems down the road.
  3. Tell me what else you can do if you in Mr. Ben's situation ?:confused:
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  5. When the unemployement rate is at 9.1% ?
  6. Why? He hasn't done enough and I'm not kidding. More money should be printed. The velocity of money is falling hard (look it up). I don't understand where you see bubbles. Stock market, even after the rally from 2009 is still down from its highs. Oil is down given the Asian demand. Commodity bubbles were caused by Asian demand, not by Bernanke.

    You want Bernanke to stop and quit? Are you a masochist of some kind? Where do you live? Do you want unrest? Do you want massive layoffs? Are you looking for a US collapse or maybe you are a covert Chinese like some posters here who are afraid to lose from their bond holdings they amassed by manipulating their currency and actually causing the imbalances in 2008 and the financial crisis?

    Bernanke stay, please.
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    Bernanke has no business running the Fed anymore. Look at the track record, gold from 400 headed to 2000 and beyond. He is like the parent of a drug-addict, continuing to fund the child's addiction. More QE means on top of a brewing world crisis, rising inflation. Out of there! along with Geithner. Oh, and by the way, Americans will pull together and make it without these #!$#Q thieves and liars running the US into the ground.
  8. Stop kidding, I think he want to resign but in reality, he is not allowed due to political pressure.

    It is not very hard for him to get a new job with 10X of his current salary in one of the big banks or write a crap book and earn millions out of it.
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