Tues AM Futures turnaround

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rs7, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Now 7am EST. Futures slightly positive.

    About 2 or so hours ago, they were down big.

    Anyone know what caused such a dramatic turnaround?

    (I guess war news, but haven't seen or heard anything).

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    Didn't hear any news, however Europe MMs "bought the dip" this morning.
  3. Oversold. Yesterday close was probably a good entry point to catch a bounce and possibly a move back to top of the range.
  4. sammybea


    whats the range as you see it?
  5. NQ 1043.50 - 1059.50
    ES 856 -867.50

    lows made a little before 4am and highs made at about 7:30 am
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  7. went on the lows this am

    if that does not hold my pivots

    are about 3 handles lower in spoos

    and 8 handles lower in nazzy
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    does ARB in your SN refer to arbitrations??? if so that is quite funny...
  9. CNN is sending Paula Zahn over to entertain the troops.... and that would boost any market, anyday.

    -we are sitting on the outskirts of the capital , about 60 miles.
    -several hundred enemy troops were killed last night as they tried to keep us from taking a couple bridges.
    -A large hunk of the republican guard is about to be totally destroyed because they have fallen back and become concentrated, and very vulnerable to air attack.
    -They can't use chemical weapons on us now because there are high winds that would blow it all back on them.
    -The kurds are being organized by U.S. special forces into a northern front, and they are willing to fight house to house if need be, they want revenge.


    -Supply lines are very stretched out, they are still trucking every little thing all the way from Kuwait.
    -heavy reinforcements are 10 days away
    -Sadam has many of his elite troops scattered around in plain clothes to cause trouble with supply lines and to shoot regular iraqi army who try to surrender.
    -There is talk of a "red line in the sand" that if crossed will automatically trigger use of chemical weapons and we are supposed to be sitting very close to it now.
    -a massive sand storm with is making it difficult to use laser guided weapons.


    The war has been a tremendous success by any measure. The kill ratio is several hundred to one and must be demoralizing to the regular iraqi army. However, the capital city will probably not be taken until there is a major mechanized battle with the republican guard and more supplies/reinforcements arrive.
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