Tudor Jones financing Barack Obama?

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    The Obama-Tudor Jones Connection

    If you’re a hedgie and you’re not backing Obama, chances are you’re in the minority.
    May 2007

    Considerable amounts of ink and pixels have been devoted lately to characterizing Barack Obama as the presidential candidate of the hedge-fund set. A Financial Times article last month quoted an anonymous United States businessman as saying, “The whole of Greenwich is backing Obama” – a reference to Greenwich, Conn., the leafy suburb that many hedge fund managers call home. (That breezy statement turns out to be quite untrue, as we will see later.)

    An article on The New Republic’s Web site this week, titled “Money Man,” picks up this theme.

    It begins by referring to Mr. Obama’s “playing the role of the ‘grassroots candidate’,” while at the same time taking lots of campaign cash from hedge funds and private-equity firms – “relying on a growing cadre of young, eye-poppingly rich hedge-fund and private-equity managers to keep him at the head of the money primary.”

    The larger issue is that managers of hedge funds, which are private pools of capital for institutional and wealthy investors, are feeling their political oats. They have begun taking up lobbying activities, and Washington has turned its attention to the fast-growing industry. As a result, election watchers are eager to know who will win favor with this emerging political force.

    To be sure, Mr. Obama has taken considerable sums from hedge fund sources, and he is likely to take more. There are reports that Paul Tudor Jones II, founder of hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation, will be hosting a fund raiser for Mr. Obama at his sprawling Greenwich mansion later this month.

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