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  1. If anyone hasnt had the chance to see the Paul Tudor Jones Documentary "The Trader," I highly recommend it for your library. Great motivator.
  2. Web link or TV?
  3. I own it.
  4. just21


    Put it on bittorrent and post the link here so we can all see it.
  5. you are so funny. put it on a p2p network or shutup
  6. You have a cup of shut the hell up. I just said it was a must see.
  7. And while your watching that you need to have a Dodo bird egg omelette.....simply a must!
  8. And guess what, if you dont own it, find that weasel Marketspammer and he will sell you one of his 100 or so pirated copies for a few hundred bucks.
  9. Choad


    No way. They are all recently discovered "originals"! :D
  10. DTK


    Although some may have chosen to be more polite, I think it sums up the sentiment of most that haven't had the chance to see it.

    Anyone who had looked at the other threads regarding the video would know that if s/he checked before starting a new one that doesn't offer anything new.
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