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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by drukes1234, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. I have received two emails recently with Tuco updates. One pointed out how much was in my account and how much I was owed, another email was received today and not being a lawyer, I don't quite understand the lingo. My basic question is this, does anyone know when we will get the second half of our money?

  2. Another email today from Tuco, anyone have any clue what's going on?
  3. Still have not got your full money back yet? I thought it was covered by the SPIC. The litigation was filed back in March, it's an awfully long time.
  4. wow i just read the tuco briefs that were sent out today. it looks like tuco was making $2 million a month in commission overides some months. impossible to understand how they were short millions in there accounts making that kind of money.
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    Were they short. My understanding that they were not. (per the receivers office)
  6. no, they weren't short, GLB the IB they were going through owed them in those commission receivables.

    still do actually, and they don't want to pay and are quoting less than they owe (deducting their crazy lawyer fees from the total and other stupid stuff), which is why this is dragging out.
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    $2 million/month is nothing compared with what most firms get especially those that charge a penny/share.