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  1. Anyone know the new name that Tuco's trading under? Thanks.
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    Oceanview capital
  3. Please don't tell me that guy opened up another LLC to run a similar operation like he did with Tuco?
  4. Tucouptapoophoo
  5. :D :D :D
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    I'm not aware of Tuco's case development, but I believe that most of the traders can kiss goodbye to their deposit, unfortunately.
    I just wounder how many of those ex Tuco traders will sign up again with him under his new name ??/
    But there is always fresh meat in the market, and new suckers will come on board again, and in a year or so nobody will remember the Tuco story anymore .
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    Hun.... you have to be the biggest moron I have ever seen. Are you that stupid to make a comment like that without looking at any of the documentation about what is on hand with the receiver, and what is owed?

    Right now, 90% of the money is on hand, in an account with the receiver. The only.... I SAID THE ONLY MONEY OWED IS TO LIGHTSPEED. All others have been paid.

    The worst.... the absolute worst traders will get is 80%. If the 1.2 million owed by various others comes in.... The traders will get 96% of the money. The receiver will most definitely get 4% for being an idiot. The attny for the receiver even said 80% worst case.

    We are about a week or so away from a distribution. Should be 50%. The only hold up is Lightspeed being assholes.

    Get your facts straight next time
  8. I second bandits comment...This post isnt for all you low life, hide behind the internet, piking, wannabe traders. I would like contact info if you have any bandit..Thanks
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    just pm me
  10. Why is anything less than 100% of capital being returned acceptable?

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