tuco trading llc

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  1. anyone with any good or bad experiences trading with these guys.
  2. never heard of them, where are they located?
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    Lescor trades with them, shoot him a pm. Also, there's reviews on the brokers page giving replies about firms.
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    Two thumbs up.
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    I trade with Tuco. They are headquarted in Irvine, CA. A little over 100 traders, both remote and in a few offices. Solid group, great software. You can pm me if you've got questions.
  6. I checked their site and found no discussion of broker fees. What gives?
  7. Many prop firms dont publish rates for some reason. They will want a phone call or email. Im thinking of developing a spreadsheet for all (most) prop firms with commissions and fees. I will post if if I 'get er done'.
  8. thanks for the reply. hope you geterdone. would like to see it.

  9. you can check this web first,but no update for 8 months now.
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