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  1. As you may or may not know, Doug Fredrick and a new lawyer are planning on asking the judge to transfer receivership to Doug from the current receiver Thomas Lennon so that distributions could be done more timely, and the possible litigations that Mr. Lennon insinuated in an email could be avoided.

    I strongly urge all of you to consider petitioning the judge for approval of this transfer at the email address at the top right of the page here: http://pview.findlaw.com/view/2144241_1?noconfirm=0

    I'm just a trader and haven't spoken to Doug or his lawyer about this, but spoke to my own atty who thought it couldn't hurt and could actually help if enough of us write. Don't be anonymous though, include your names. Here's what I wrote to give an idea:

    Dear Judge Sabraw,

    My name is _ and I'm an equities trader with Tuco Trading. I'm writing with regards to the case "Securities and Exchange Commission v. Tuco Trading, LLC" to petition you to consider the transfer of receivership from the current Thomas F. Lennon to our firm partner Doug Frederick.

    After having reviewed the facts of this case, spoken to Mr. Lennon about the status of the accounts, and considered remarks made by Mr. Lennon with regard to possible litigation between creditors and Mr. Lennon/Tuco due to the bankruptcy proceedings that Mr. Lennon has been authorized to use; I feel that it would be in the best interest of the trader's of our firm and would fit more appropriately with the true spirit of the SEC (to protect investors), that the receivership going forward were being done by someone close to and trusted by the firm, thus ensuring a timely distribution with minimal liability.

    I have worked with Doug Fredrick for the last three years and can say I find him an honest and loyal individual. While I regret that the SEC alleges that there had been fraud in our firm, I'm confident after having seen the accounts, reviewed the court records, and spoken to all invovled, that the fraud allegations were in fact just that, and would not hestitate to trust my money with Doug's care again.

    Your consideration is much appreciated.



    Try not to just copy paste, but I guess it wouldn't matter too much. Maybe some personal details if any of you are in any hardship. Definitely don't slam the SEC or Thomas though... be pro about it.
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    excellent idea
  3. What's the email to send to?
  4. I can't find it on the site
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    I dont think there is an email. I just left a message on the voice mail, maybe you could try faxing a letter or leave a message
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    there is a 'to' field there, I think this form just emails the judge profile to somebody you want
  7. Still don't see an email directly to her
  8. i looked again and didn't see it either.. and I think "Dana" is male.
  9. yea, you guys are right. someone posted the link in another thread, and i didn't notice the empty to: field. bummer.
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