TTs (X_Trader) new pricing $500

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  1. I heard starting June 1 , you can now use the X_Trader for $500 a month for every exchange.
    Now it compares to most others pricing.
    Curious to hear if people will now switch to TT.
  2. ofthomas


    their charting (XCharts) sucks, so you would still need something else.. but if they said $500 including the spreader I would switch :)
  3. bathrobe


    I like the charting fwiw, but this is not including the auto spreader, the pro version has dropped to $1200 and also offers immediate cancellation.
  4. still more expensive and less flexiable than glean.
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    I have not heard of that, and googled it and didn't really find anything, do you have a website or any info?
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  7. glean... a pracplay package, pracplay big tradelink contributor
  8. Syprik


    Interesting, wonder if they actually listened to complaints that were making waves through their network of participating FCM's, or this was an internal decision based on falling revenue.

    The fact their synthetic strategy engine was not included in standard version was a farce. Now it is, good. That and broad exchange access is much more meaningful than a few hundred a month in savings as one would have to spend 2x (~$1500) to get some rather elementary order options. Even though the Pro monthly subscription is easily affordable to an established trader, it is the principle that irked us most. The way it was pre-packaged, value was just not their for high volume manual traders when compared to the competition of 2012-2013, not 2006 when TT made much sense.

    Admittedly, will now seriously consider using X_Trader Std over CQGTrader at Advantage. Slowly have come to terms that charting on Multicharts.NET /InvestorRT is more capable/easier than IC, so I've recently switched back to CQGTrader. X_Study has much to be desired, which is fine, would rather rely on a 3rd party specialist for it.

    Just want clean, fast, reliable RT data and good execution/order type capability at the better discount FCM's. I'm an IMM, considered a professional, yet still have zero need for Autospreader/Autotrader/ADL. I'm far from alone. My current patchwork combination of Matlab, R, MultiCharts.Net, Python packages is definitively more capable than ADL. Most serious automated traders will not use off-the-shelf turn-key, they will contract out/hire to build custom package to communicate with TT API/FIX if not going DMA.

    This is progress, and perhaps TT will get to pat themselves on the back down the line for this move.
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    I think I will move to X trader with this new pricing. Does someone knows how many DOMs you can open simultaneously?

  10. No chance in hell we would ever switch to TT. CTS T4 has been rock solid for us these past 3-4 years.

    I prefer the slowly moving DOM on the CTS platform to TT's static dome.

    50-cents per side, capped at $500 per month, and for an extra $25 per month, STREAMING LIVE CHARTS (good quality).

    Great block order capabilities for CTAs.:D
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