TT's X-Trader has crossed prices at random times

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by chisel, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. chisel


    I've been trading on X-Trader for 2 months, and tonight is at least the fourth time I've seen crossed prices (bids and offers at the same level or levels). The bid/offer volumes are incorrect at most price levels and many of them do not change for hours. It has always been on the eCBOT.

    I logged in at 5am (CST) last Friday and saw the crossed prices then also, but thank God they fixed it before Unemployment!

    I don't want to mention my clearing firm as it may or may not be their problem. The tech guy at the clearing firm has contacted TT numerous times, but obviously the problem is not fixed. The guys at my clearing firm can see it also, so it's not my computer...

    Has anyone else seen this problem?
  2. Yosemite


    So finally TT is not the kind of monster everybody is talking about....