TT's Connectivity to Asian Markets

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pipal, Jun 2, 2009.

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    While many trade with IB for Asian markets and some other may use PATS, I find that TT also has connectivity to asian markets. That may provide another option other than IB and Pats.

    It's said that TT has native connectivity to Singapore Exchange, Sydney Future Exchange etc., and have "FIX Bridge Connectivity" with Korea Exchange and Tokyo Exchange etc. But they are available with some FCMs only.

    Anyone has experience trading with TT's feed / Asian markets? And which brokers / FCMs are offering these? What does "FIX Bridge Connectivity" actually mean, sort of indirect connection?
  2. UOB in Singapore offers T.T to SGX, Korea, Hong kong. FORTIS, MF Global Singapore also offer T.T. and RTS
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    Thanks falcontrader. How would the commissions look like, say trading with UOB, or MF Global SG?

    The rates from the US brokers / FCMs could be very competitive. However, they usually don't offer to trade the Asian markets.
  4. rates are good, I.B. has all the business because they just market themselves so much. but there are a lot of brokers out there , you just have to search them out. they have good rates and fast,stable networks, good luck