TT's Autotrader (Strategies?)

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    I have a trial license for TT's Xtrader Pro and wanted to experiment with autotrader in the Futures market. I currently trade 5yr, 10yr, and bond futures but will consider others if strategies would work better for them. I want to come up with some programs in Excel and link them to Autotrader. I don't carry positions overnight so anything intraday would be useful. Does anyone have any ideas or examples that I can test. Does anyone have success with TT autotrader? Would you mind sharing any strategies related to the Futures markets? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I looked at using TT, but it was a real chore to connect to their API. I decided to go with something a little easier.
  3. Hi Pro_Trader,

    Did you try to connect via a running X_Trader?
    How was this set up? With Guardian?
    What language did you use for the API connection? Would it be possible to use the simulator through an API connection?

    Thank you kindly for any reply,
  4. I never made it that far. After looking over the API and discussing the project with a couple of other people, I decided not to go down that route.
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  6. How do you get a trial license of XTrader?
  7. Lots of redtape!
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    The autospreader is always fun to play with. The pro license gives you access to that.

    Try setting up an ESu5-ESz5 spread to get a feel for it.
  9. Is there a way to see the speed of the XTrader platform without committing, like a demo version?
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    try playing with eurodollar spreads, although it seems kind of silly to be worried about carrying calendar spreads overnight :confused:
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