Ttowntraders short portfolio, critique!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by ttowntrader, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Current Positions

    PCLN @ 296
    CRM @ 104.4
    BIDU @ 87.1
    HLF @ 57.2
    LVS @ 28.4

    Thoughts, suggestions, other candidates? Goodluck!
  2. arickwon


    I'm thinking of shorting AApl for a while now, when its around 280-290 range. Tho its prolli risky, its a strong company, but i just feel like every upside is priced in. Any fall in mobile revenues from Andriod will prolli drop this shit back down to MSFT market cap.
  3. ive been shorting it a bit in the 260 range for quick trades, nothing seriously long term apple is finished but that could be years from now, remember alot of idiots will still buy these iphones when tmobile and verizon eventually get it. Although we will continue to see android gain market share over iphone going forward.
  4. arickwon


    I think Andriod is already outpacing Iphones now. Only a matter of time til Andriod is the new hot shit. Cellphone is just a trend market anyways. It was the Motorola Razer years ago, then Motorola Color Phones, before that the Nokia brick that they called for a phone. Only time before Iphone becomes old and ppl want a new style to match their pursess.