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    Does anyone use TTN trade the news, how does it compare to bllomberg just on the news service is it as quick, quicker or slower
  2. If you want to empty out your account quickly then you can trade off the news. It's how I lost thousands. Just be careful.

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  3. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done. I make a living trading off news, but thanks for your dough.
  4. Good point. Thats what trading is about. You stick with what works for you. I'm purely a technical analisys man now and it's working for me so I have no desire to go back and try news plays.
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    90-95% of their news is late.

    5-10% is decent

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    so bloomberg is much better?
  7. i think they get their news FROM bloomberg.
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    depending on what you trade, reuters or dow jones news wires might be better and cheaper than bloomberg for breaking news.