TTM- Trend The Markets mechanical system

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    This is a mechanical system i created for the H1 on GBPJPY, using the TTM bollinger band/keltner channel squeeze indicator.

    The rules are simple:
    1)short when a short squeeze fires off when the 4 MA's are crossed over
    2)Long when a long squeeze fires off when the 4 MA's are crosses up

    In each case it's a 120 pip profit target and 100 pip stop loss.
    scale out maybe, i made this today.

    the 4 EMAs are the 12 20 30 50
    Mechanical exit is whenever the 20 and 50 ema cross against you, say you go long, get out early if the 20 crosses below the 50. Another exit is to get out when a squeeze fires off against you, e.g. you go short on a short squeeze, then exit when a long squeeze fires off (this may lose you some pips on the table but just follow it )
    for example in the attachment .

    I'm demoing this system, mainly because i can't trade live yet .

    follow it if you want people
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    another example