TTM Squeeze indicator users??

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Wood474, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Anyone use this? Been a follower of TTM for a long time and have learnt alot, so I'm not knocking them. I've got this squeeze indicator on eSignal. I have looked back over a multitude of futures market and see no real consistency to it. Daily, hourly, 15 min, 512 tick charts, the whole lot. It just seems to be random.

    Granted, it makes some great calls, but what indicator doesn't! It seems to fire off alot right at the end of a move, or the market is clearly pushing higher and it fires off a sell signal. Or it fires off just as the market stalls and makes a pullback which would inevitably stop you out.

    It maybe my settings are wrong on eSignal. I'm using the standard settings. TTM swear by it and in his videos it looks like such a great indicator but I just can't see it as anything other than random.

    I've been trading many years and don't rely on indicators, but wanted to get more involved in some shorter term scalps so I am taking a look at it.

    Anyone using it with great success?
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    I did some extensive backtesting on several timeframes/tickcharts intraday with this about two years ago, the results were very poor to negative ...
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    So it seems then. Appreciate the feedback.
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    poor to negative ... sounds like you've found something :) swap the buttons over >?
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    Kap, no shit. I seriously looked at that. It does seem so poor that I thought maybe there was a way of using the other way around and take the signals as pullback entries the other way!
  6. I think what you are maybe confused to what the indicator, well indicates. It simply shows when a market within that time/tick frame goes from lower to higher vol levels. How you enter the market and then manage the trade after a squeeze has fired makes a big difference to overall profitability.

    The Squeeze is not a trading system merely an indicator
  7. THE squeeze indicator is not an entry signal in my opinion but i like to look on trading the first pullpack after it FIRES
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    I disagree that the squeeze provides poor results... as I have made successful trades with it consistantly. But I don't use the "dots scripts" version as I found that the momentum oscillator the original system uses as its direction confirmation is a very poor indicator. Most of the failure or false signals are actually contributed by that.

    I actually break the whole thing down back to keltner, BB, momentum. Plus I add 1 more trend indicator ( MACD or ADX / DI+/-) to filter out the false signal generated by the momentum indicator... I also add my own exit rules based on the ways of how the breakout happens and the speed of the movement after the break out.

    my Recent kill was with ISRG on May 16 2008 Friday...
  9. I think it's pretty ironic that the board has to delete posts from DbPhoenix to make up for storage space yet we need to put with posts related to those useless, stolen, overpriced, TTM indicators.

  10. John Carter is a joke. His system is a joke and I feel sorry for those people he has suckered in.

    He's an idiot and knows very little about the market.

    Hubert Senters shouldn't even be involved with that shit.
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