TT vs PATS execution speed

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    I currently use PATS feed with NinjaTrader. There it already TT feed available for NT5, but it is still in beta. I am curious, is there is a significant speed difference between TT and PATS, assuming the hardware and internet speed are identical?

    The question is for those who use X-Trader with TT and NinjaTrader or similer with PATS(I think JTrader is also using PATS).

  2. Truff


    PATS sucks, don't use it no matter what anybody telss you. Ninja will be available on TT shortly, still in beta. Ninja is available through zen fire now which i have tested and find to be better than even TT. Either way just stay away from PATS!!!
  3. What is Zen Fire?
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    Zen fire is what everybody will be talking about in a few months. Its New technology that powers Ninjatrader.
  5. plse be more specific... am about to get access to CME eFX products via Pats Systems J-trader, not my preference at all but for cost etc reasons i suppose, thats my prime broker's choice... any inputs much appreciated!
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    "Zen-Fire is a institutional grade trading engine providing exchange connectivity at unprecedented speeds. Zen-Fire was designed to transport massive amounts of unfiltered market data with extremely fast order execution speed. Exclusively used by quant trading groups in many of the world's largest financial institutions, it is now available to the self-directed trader through NinjaTrader."
  7. unles you're scalping in out all day the millil second speed means zip
  8. any other issues, stability etc, with Pats Systems... is the speed issue only a matter of ms?
  9. I traded with Pats Jtrader standalone for years over a DSL connection with eLocal (now TMG) and their performance is still great, so all the horror stories you read about Jtrader depends either on pc client side or the SARA server/Pats infrastructure at the broker side. Even during their tough times with Trademaven with Transact feed, I always had excellent connection with my Jtrader to their pats/rcg host/price servers.

    Now it's nearly a month I'm trading on X_Trader and the only reasons are because:
    - it keeps Stop orders at the TT gateway level,
    - it manages effciently the OCO orders,
    - you could use another PC ready to login into TT should the main internet connection or PC goes down (with Jtrader sometimes you have to call the desk to 'reset' the account);
    - the original patented vertical Static DOM;
    - Time & Sales feature;
    - Average price highlighting on DOM (MD ladder)

    ...and I got a fixed cost per trade that's only 7 cents more than I paid with Jtrader :)
    Globally I think this is a good deal! :D
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    Truff and JayS,

    Thanks for the info about zen-fire. I did a quick research and the consensus is that zen is about 10-15% faster than TT. Do you find it true?

    I am a scalper, hold trades anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, and execution is very important to me. I am all in and all out. I currently uses simulator (traded forex with real account for a while, now switching to futures – Eurex DAX). I’ll be going live within a week (1 contract for a while) to get my feet wet, and obviously want to have all the edge I can get.

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