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    Am far from an expert on trading software, so I figured I would see if any of you had any suggestions. I had been using TT to trade Futures (CME,CBOT,Eurex). I recently decided to give another order entry system a shot. I wont mention the name, but I have been having some delays when the market gets volatile. The main problem is with the mini sp. When there is a big surge of volume/volatility, the order book on this new system falls behind. In some instances it can be a point away from the real market. On the last fed meeting when we had the huge move it actually was about 4-5 points away from the real market. It eventually catches up. Questions:

    1- Is this a CME problem, so it doesnt mattter if I am using TT?

    2- Is it my new system that is no good, because TT never falls behind?

    3- Is TT that much better than all the other platforms out there because of their connections to the exchanges?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It's probably their order server. How many other traders are connected to it?

    TT is very good on the server side. I recommend switching back if you were making money.
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    I never had a problem with TT. Did it more as a cost cutting thing for my firm to see if it was worth paying the money to TT. I dont scalp so I figured as long as the order entry system was reliable I would give it a shot. From what I can see I gotta get the hell back on to TT. I was just wondering if during if TT had experienced any recent slowdowns in the CME/SP.

    Not sure how many traders are connected. I have actually switched connections from t1 to a different one....still had slowdowns. So I dont think its on my firm's end. I also never noticed any slowdowns on Eurex or Cbot....only CME.
  4. there are many factors that can create latency in your orders. I've seen and do see TT gateways side by side with others whom I wont name. Stick with TT. Regardless if you are a scalper or not the speed of order entry is critical. capturing a tick here and there becuase of a superior gateway makes a huge difference for position traders as well as scalpers
  5. I use TT feed with NinjaTrader and the order execution speeds are exceptional.....I have not found any other feed that is as good imo (yes...TT is just that much better).
  6. my 2 cents....

    Most trading software (at the proffessional level) is engineered well enough to make any customer happy with the speed. Some have inherent problems that are difficult to overcome, but usually anything set up *perfectly* would do for almost anyone. Again, this is just my opinion. TT certainly can operate a high level, but has some inherent problems itself. One of the big benefits is that it's so widely used, it tends to be run fairly well at quite a few FCMs.

    I would check at who runs your new software and try to find out if there are any other clients having problems with it. If it's something your firm runs internally, talk to the IT guy(s)/girl(s) and ask them if they have had any problems or have any concerns with it. What exactly has changed from one to the other? Also, with the new software, is a T1 enough bandwidth for it? I'd check for network latencies first, before checking for software tweaks as in my experience, that's the easiest place to squeeze performance out of. Also, don't assume that TT and your new software have the same network requirements, use the same protocols, etc... there are probably some big differences there.

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    Thanks man. Thats is what I am finding. I have missed a few trades recently which was costly. Like you said...those ticks add up. Very frustrating when you are trying to buy 1318's and the mkt is really 1318.50 -1318.75. Appreciate your input.
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    Thanks. That what I thought.
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    I called the firm we clear through with my problem. They provide this new order entry system. They have claimed that they have only had a few complaints over the last few mos. I have called them at least twice a month since June and every time they say "we are having a problem with the cme"..."our developers are looking into it". During the last fed day their system completely froze...then was about 4 sp points away from the real market. When I called they acknowledged there was a problem. Then when the emplyment report came out 2 weeks ago I had someone from their IT dept watch my order book from thier end.
    After the report came out , once again it was slowed down. The guy actually said 'We had latency problmes for about 4 minutes" and saw what I was seeing on their end. That leads me to believe that the problem is all on their end.

    There are a few other traders at my office, and at other offices in the U.S. that are having the same problems. So its not just me or my office. The IT guy checked the bandwith and there were no problems.

    It seems form what others have said, there is a huge difference between TT and other platforms.

    Thanks for the reply
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    TT is the leader. So TT has the money. More money buys tech infrastructure and talent. There is not a tech problem that cannot be solved with money (in regards to the futures business and server farms etc).

    TT is better because the have the money to be better. I have used everything out there and TT off and on since XTrader was introduced (I was trading at the CBOT when they first rolled it out back in 2000/2001). TT has mostly been in lead and has put several others out of business. This has be done mostly through attrition and stability.

    Another company that has lots of money to solve it's tech problems/challenges is IB. Timberhill has spent fortunes on technology. IB has clearly piggybacked their infrastructure. That is my 2 cents. There is only so many costs you can cut trading. As traders we can lease a seat and get rock bottom commissions. That is the only real cost to cut. Many other costs from a business standpoint will come back to haunt you if you fool around and try to cut corners.
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