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  1. Has anyone used both Trading Technologies TT Trader and Ninja Trader? If yes, which do you use today and why?

    After firing upwards of a dozen brokers over the past decade because of junk platforms, I have been for a year with a broker who provides FREE Trading Technologies software and I absolutely love it. I see it as having an advantage over the people in the pits because they have to scream at the guy running the TT system on the floor to get an order in, whereas I just click and my trade is instantly executed.

    I have never used nor even seen Ninja Trader, but I read a lot of good things about it in this forum. It has me only curious; I'm not looking to change anything.

    What is it about Ninja Trader that everyone likes? Why am I hearing of Ninja being used in conjunction of another application? Because people use Ninja with another application, does that imply Ninja has shortcomings? Is it only trading and no charts? Where can I see a demo of Ninja (not interested in downloading but it would be nice to watch a flash demo or equal)?
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    I have only used the demo for ninja but did not like it, awkward for me. I think most people like the Zen Fire feed.

    I would stick with X-Trader all the pros use it, by the way which broker do you currently use?
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  4. Order entry and trade management is much better on X Trader. The X Study Charts kind of suck.

    If you like to trade on the chart go with ninja.

    I would just get both!

  5. All of the pros use it is exactly correct. When you watch CNBC and see the pits, that's the blue/ red screens you see in the background. I don't understand why anyone would use anything besides what is used on the floors. Anything else can only add to latency. Latency = < money; it's all about the MONEY!
  6. Someone in another thread says ZenFire's feed is more reliable than TT's feed. I don't personally know as I have not used TT's feed, but I will say ZenFire is really fast and reliable.
  7. I don't understand how something can be more reliable then something that works 100%. During even the peak of capitulation I have had complete dependability.

    I see virtually no latency in my trades. It has an audit trail. It usually takes three thousandths of a second from place order to fill as long as there is someone else on the other side of the trade (which is how I trade most of the time). I'm 1,200 miles (in a straight line) from the exchange I am trading on.

    I have a dedicated data feed measuring 18 mbps. I run 10-35 charts and 3-6 trading windows on 5-10 products at a time. I have a 64-bit quad Core2 Extreme DDR3 system and run 8800ultra GPU's and 42" monitors. Second best investment I ever made (first best was HANS @ $5/ share in 2001/ 2002).

    I'm just an independent trader. I have no interest in Trading Technologies other then being a user of their software.

    There are plenty of free flash demo's out there on TT. I have to admit what I saw in the demo is the real software, but to appreciate the programs you really need to trade with it. They have a trading simulator as well.

    I have also heard comments about the X_Study charts. I like these charts very much. Lots of tools, bells/ whistles and reliable.
  8. If you don't want to download NT and give it a try then why start this thread? You sound like a salesman for TT.

    NT is a LOT cheaper to use than X-Trader. I haven't used X-Trader but it looks strange and clunky to me.
  9. mgookin, what's the cost of the 'dedicated data feed measuring 18 mbps.' ?
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    Why does every electronic trader on the CBOT, CME, NYMEX, and ICE use X Trader?

    Perhaps strange and clunky is good!
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