TT vs CQG data feed coalescing

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  1. I am in process of moving to X Trader. I opened an account with Global Futures / RCG clearing. They have smallest commissions but now I am having second thoughts...

    I just read on Ninja forum that TT brokers set coalescing of datafeed to 100 ms by default (or may be even more)...

    Is there any information available on what coalescing used by what broker?

    Also - do CQG servers have coalescing and if yes then how big is it?
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    CQG has different consolidation rules. Some installations have no consolidation at all, the largest is 50 ms. If you spread, however, client side data delivery is absolutely irrelevant, all CQG spreads are working on the exchange side with no data consolidation or any other type of delay at all.
  3. yes I trialled spreader and it is absolutely fast
  4. TT Fix adapter feed is ONLY coalesced for the NT is not coalesced for other platforms such as TradeVec or Strategy Runner. The TT Fix adapter feed has to be dumbed down a bit (with the recent CME data flow increases per unit of time) for the NT platform to handle it without continual data drops or freezing.
  5. Correct....CQG data is very good like DTN.IQ feed (of course with DTN.IQ feed you don't have order routing capabilities).