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  1. well, there's nothing that the mentally challenged hate more than being asked a question that they can't understand, much less answer.

    so it is, as usual, with front end software people. tired of going through layers of them and wasting precious time in 10 minute blocks, I figured I'd just post my question here, on the odd chance that a TT user might see it.

    I was told by some nameless techie at TT that, in order to get live data into my spreadsheet for analysis, I need only "drag and drop it." Of course he said it in such a way as to make it plain that only a moron wouldn't know that. Of course.

    And, of course, it doesn't work. So, does anyone know how to do calculations with TT price data?


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  2. Here's how i do it:

    from a market grid window i select the cells that i want to have a live feed from.

    I then right click and pick copy.

    Then in excel i right click on the cell where i want the data to appear and pick paste special... in the dialog box that appears i pick "link" which creates a DDE link to the price info i selected in the market grid.
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    THANKS! I didn't know that was possible without TT Pro.
  5. xdiver, that link didn't work, and I don't see anything called "RTD" on the 'plugins' page. Do you have another way to it?


  6. hack, that helps -- thx.