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  1. Is there an alternative front end to TT...or are there some useful TT addons that anyone knows of...

  2. Ninjatrader is currently being added I believe.
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    Yeah Ninjatrader is about to offer it. Going to be a great product
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    What sort of add ons are you looking for?

    TT pro has auto trader and auto spreader.
  5. well, good question.

    i'm a pretty simple guy. if someone could give me a front end that looked and felt like the old Island or Tradecast, I'd be happy.
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    Take a look at Orc Software's Orc Futures.
  7. Two questions:

    1-If you use Ninja trader, how you get the data from TT,
    Do you still need to have subscribtion to TT plateform
    or just pay them for exchange fees?

    2-I know ORCsoftware is giving TT access to worldwide market
    very soon, does this mean trading international market will
    available with most TT brokerdealer (Because ORC has excution
    service, but i am not sure if they clear too?

  8. I have heard of RTD which seems to be quite an alternative to TT and is used in a lot of arcades in London... take a look at their website:
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    Check out the GL Win platform by GL Trade. I was using Globex Trader provided by the CME until I found out that I could get basically the same thing directly from GL Trade. (the CME leases Globex Trader from GL) The only difference is that GL Win is a more recent, further developed version. I use a ladder module that came with the core package that is pretty good. They even hooked me up with a real-time eCBOT feed-only for nothing so I can watch the Bonds in real-time on the same page. They also have plug-in modules (like automated trading and spreading) and you can access like 100 exchanges.

    Might be worth a look.
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    check , has about same functions like tt's autotrader/autospreader
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