TT spread order entry question

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by TWolf, May 9, 2012.

  1. TWolf


    Considering Sierra Chart with a TT data feed.

    Noticed that TT provides a single symbol for exchange defined spreads but they are all expressed with front month first. What if I actually want to be long the back month?

    I'm used to defining both legs seperately, long month first, and specifying the premium side, thus creating a credit or debit spread so this format is different in that I don't have the option to specify which month I'm buying.

    Do I treat these symbols the same as an outright (i.e., if I want to be long the front month buy the spread; if I want to be long the back month sell the spread)?

    This is my first time using a front end execution platform with live data feed so just curious if the single symbol spread setup is standard and how to enter orders.

  2. hi
    never used sierra chart but cqg trader has a similar format.
    spreads are defined with ref to front month and monthly distance between front and back months
    in this situation selling the spread makes you short front month and long back month. (naturally you can also sell negative values)
  3. TWolf


    Seems to be the same with SC. I'm experimenting in sim mode and notice I can input negative numbers. Waiting to see how the sim trades show up. Will take some getting used to.

    Just want to be sure before I go live; don't want to do something stupid.

    TT said to take it up with SC; SC said check with the exchange; can't find any info on the exchange websites. Can't anything be straightforward?