TT refusal to upgrade the X-Study

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by profutrader, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. I am a user of TT. Love it but.....the X-study is like a dinosaur.

    They have got Autospreader - Great!
    AutoTrader - Wonderful

    But the X-study is still is the dark ages. Why?? I asked their reps -well their priorty seems to be other sutff.

    Here is the thing for me. Automation with Excel is easy if they can have other chart type (eg. tick and rangebar) and better Technical indicators. (eg. Better MA - LSMA, Hull MA or more advance stuff) The codes for such stuff are readily available. Why can't they just get it done? It is not like they are doing something new. Buy the codes if necessary. Tie up with others. Charting vendors who has got better tools and create that link to the Autotrader Excel. That way it is easier for ppl to Automate simple strategies without knowing any programming.

    Here is another thing about them. They will only do it if there are critical number of people wanting the change. So in essence you will have to get a petition going before it can be done.

    My wishlist for TT : Fix the X-study iwth a lot more powerdul chart types and Technical tools. This will truly help small time traders trying to find new niche in an increasing Algo dominated environment.

  2. I wouldn't call it a refusal. Just a decision on where to allocate their resources. Hire someone or even TT if you need customization.
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    There is no financial incentive for them to do it. I think there are very few users, and no one is buying TT for x-study, and if charts are your number 1 priority, you're probably not using x-study. TT feels that they have the best front end, and feels thats why people buy their product. I am considering switching as I don't really feel there is much value added to justify their price anymore.