TT patent lawsuit: Ninja Trader, Trademaven and others...

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    I was in Chicago this past weekend and met with some brokers from different firms and they were talking about how Ninja Trader has settled with TT to pay .10 cents per contract traded. Also, they stated that Trademaven was next on their TT's list.

    Not sure if anyone else could verify this?

    Also, can anyone update me the legal issues between Refco and TT...?

    The reason I ask is because I am currently using Refco to trade currency futures and am affraid that if their is not a settlement, then I will be forced to pay for TT or use what ever home grown software they build.
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    these have all settled, why would they let refco off the hook.

    The vendor last week fulfilled its promise to pull the plug on its screens at futures merchant Refco and set a trial date to contest its claim for patent infringement for November this year. Court cases against hedge fund Man Financial and bond dealing network ESpeed are pending
  5. crazy
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    Is that crazy because you don't believe it?

    Its hard for me to say what platform I will use. I might end up moving my account, but not sure yet.

    I heard RCG has a new plattform called Onyx. Not sure how good it is but they are giving free trials out.
  7. onyx sucks!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for your opinion, but do you mind going into more detail about this. I would really appreciate it.

  9. tt and trademaven may be doing something together for the future.......just a rumor at this point and I can't find a second source to confirm.............that would be very interesting! You would have the best trade platform {xtrader} mixed with some very good bid/ask analysis and volume tools from trademaven.

    wait, that would make to much sense----- I will stay optimistic about this rumor.
  10. It's the $.10 extra!
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