TT outage on Eurex

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by qazwsxedc, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. Anyone else affected? Can't get an ETA, which is unusual.
  2. Dogfish


    TT v6.x has been disconnected since the eurex bond open in London, apparently they're working on a patch - in between doughnut breaks :mad:

    6 and a half hours of wasted boredom so far and eurex volumes must be suffering as all the prop houses use v6 seeing as 7 is unstable under pressure
  3. The same problem with IB now,
    Globex is ok, but Eurexquotes.
  4. FGBL and FGBM volumes look a bit low, but could be due to Monday, too. Bad for both Eurex and TT.
  5. Dogfish


    They say they've now written the patch and will release it "sometime in the next few hours" ie when they can be bothered
  6. So 50/50 for tomorrow morning then ;-) Can't believe they made such a dog's breakfast out of this one.