TT or OEC for Sierra Charting ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by andy4, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. andy4


    Hi Everyone,

    found out about Sierra offering chart trader too, anybody use it it with either TT or OEC feed (Global checking and will let me know if both their feeds will work with Sierra) presently use Ninja on PATs but commissions way too high.

    Any issues with the above feeds ? Are both as good as each other ?

    Looking to swap over somewhere to get those pesky commissions lower ;-)

  2. Dano


    I would be interested in hearing from others who use TT feed for Sierra Charts. I don't care for TT's charting program.
  3. olias


    Have you looked at OEC charts? I think they are pretty good.
  4. nkhoi

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  5. You will have better responses signing up for Sierra's forum and posting there. Admin is good about not censoring. I have used Sierra with Transact, but not with the two you mention. In general, the longer in support the better the solution.