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  1. I'm not a patent lawyer, but I could never understand how they could patent a DOM display. What's next, patenting colored price bars on a chart? It's totally obvious, not something unique that deserves a patent.
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    TT's Response to eSpeed's Markman Media Release

    CHICAGO, Nov. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Trading Technologies International,
    Inc. (TT) today released the following statement in response to eSpeed's
    November 6th Markman media release:
    eSpeed's media release is incorrect. The Court did not rule on the
    issue of whether eSpeed or any other defendant is infringing the patents.
    TT remains very confident in its case and that the Court will find that
    eSpeed's products infringe.
    About Trading Technologies
    Trading Technologies ( ) develops
    high-performance trading software for derivatives professionals, including
    the world's premier exchanges, money-center banks, proprietary traders,
    securities brokers, Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), hedge funds and
    other trading institutions. The company's X_TRADER(R) software and related
    services provide direct access to the world's major derivatives exchanges.
    TTNET(TM), TT's Application Service Provider (ASP)/hosting solution,
    delivers maximum system stability and fast trade execution via hubs located
    close to the major exchanges in Chicago, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt.
    Additional data centers are planned for Tokyo and Singapore. Headquartered
    in Chicago, Trading Technologies maintains a worldwide presence with
    offices in New York, Houston, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong,
    Tokyo and Sydney. In 2004, Trading Technologies was named the best
    technology company to work for in Chicago by Chicago magazine and ranked
    third among all Chicago area employers. In 2006, TT received the
    prestigious Lighthouse Award from the Illinois Information Technology
    Association (ITA) as the leading technology company in Illinois.

    SOURCE Trading Technologies International, Inc.
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    the thing is......

    tt must have spent sooooooo much money fighting this stoopid case over the years, i bet they dont have any money left - unless harris is supporting this out of his own pocket - which i doubt he is as i think it would be a bad business decision - good money after bad and all that.

    all my buddies in the banks are throwing tt out the window as fast as they can cos the support is *%@#. tt spend all the money on dumb adds weve all read 1000's of times before (yaaawn), and legal bills. no wonder x7 dont work.

    tt = BUST!
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    What are people using instead of TT?
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  5. Dorman/Zen Fire is a great alternative to TT. It may even be slightly faster from my observation. Of course then you have to use NT, or maybe you could import it into something else.
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  6. Ecco is eSpeeds front end, give it a look.
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    trading technologies is coming out with x-trader 7.4. Their website says it will support trailing stops, oco orders, and let you know how close you are to be filled in the queue. (number of orders that are in front of you).

    the website also says TT is coming out with a retail version called TT-trader, this will as i read it have the above mentioned features and also with x-study charting. Looks like this will be a "transactional priced deal. Do not know any details but you can read the web. go to NEWS and hit NEWS RELEASES and check it out.

    I assume this is the reason VELOCITYFUTURES were not answering questions about why they did not offer X_study. When i check x-trader 7.4 out i will make it a point to exclude velocity from being in the running. .... :) :D

    For main account i will want a full deal not a baby time LITE version.
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