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    I predicted many months ago that no good will come from tt's moronic attempt to ruin the isv market and the futures industry. no one would believe me. in typical et drone fashion, everyone just sides with what they think is the biggest (must be a yank thing i guess)

    today, the news hit the wires that tt LOST their case against espeed!! 9do a google if you dont believe me)

    music to my ears!!

    now, there gunna have to refight all the other cases, their patent will be invalid across the world and tt will perish.

    tt is already hemoraging money fighting all these cases.

    good bye tt. you tried to screw everyone else, but you only screwed yourself.

    freds 2nd prediction: harris will sell tt as he realises there is more money in bonds than fighting pathetic battles he has NO moral ground to win.

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    let rejoice!! :D
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    well i did a quick google - couldnt find it.

    i know cos an ol trading buddy who works at cantor fitz told me today (they own espeed)

    you got the scoop from fred first dont forget.....
  4. I hope you're right. TT's patent is ridiculous.
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  6. Thanks for the old news "scoop", Bloggs. Any other "breaking news" you want to share? :D

    eSpeed Inc-ESPD says court rules in its favor in Trading Technologies patent case
    Nov 6 at 11:17
    As a result of a Court decision that has important implications for global futures markets, eSpeed, Inc. is now
    able to provide customers with even greater flexibility and a variety of user interfaces to conduct futures
    transactions. A U.S. District Court squarely rejected Trading Technologies International's attempt to constrict
    eSpeed's and ECCO's futures product offerings by claiming patent infringement. It has been eSpeed's consistent
    view that its futures products were not covered by those patents, and in an October 31 claims construction
    decision, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois supported eSpeed's position.
  7. NICE to hear that !:p
  8. second... third... and fourth that...

  9. This just hit one of my services....

    Trading Tech: Crt Didn't Rule On Espeed Patent Case
    Nov 6 at 15:49
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