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    Some of respondents stated about possible litigation of TT against Man/Refco platform . Another respondents stated
    that after patent litigation ,some of platforms is not usefull .
    This observation supported from author /as example in
    case of Strategy Runner/

    Can be expected TT litigation against Openecry ?
    Would TT have position in trading software equal to MSFT ?

    Any comment would appreciated .

    Your respectfully milstar
  2. Is TT already dreaming of reaping a few pennies of every contract traded at an exchange? These TT suits clearly demonstrate the silliness of today's software patent hullabaloo. This has become a true rip-off costing the general public unbelievable sums. To do what? To protect and encourage those developers?

    The truth is that the enormous creativity in software has risen over the years WITHOUT any software patent protection. The protection rip-off is of a very recent date. Many have argued that in fact the patent rip-off is rather stifling initiative and growth in those countries going for for this - or better - victimized by this. Look around and judge by what is going on these days.

    Moreover, most of these "intellectual property" ideas have been shown to be borrowed - or perhaps stolen - from earlier sources.

    Some situations are really pathetic. Read the Massachusetts reasoning about proprietary document software formats. Imagine, the citizens of the commonwealth being held hostage for hundreds of years by a bunch of patent cronies.

    Suppose that in the days of Guthenberg patent rights would have been slapped on intellectual property by some "book formatting" barons. We all - or most of us - would still have been illiterate, miserable serfs, without futures markets.

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    Life would be very different without software patents. (Bill Gates claims to have been in the forefront of that movement) The internet might not have been built out. The Pits might still have huge advantages and I might have moved to
    Chicago to stand in the pits and fade Pabst.

    Just kidding Pabst. I am sure I you would have made sure all my fills were tested.
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    LOL. believe me Jem, my last couple of years in there the guys around me did quite well being on the other side of my trades...
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    Perhaps RIMM could cover all their infringement bases by introducing a Blackberry/TT combo. :)

    I use X-Trader and know it's excellent but I just can't figure out what features in TT makes it so revolutionary. Christ, it's just an order entry system. I'm sure Pac-Man was a more complex programming endeavor. What amazes me is not how good X-Trader is but how crappy most everything else is.
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    i think it depends on your style.

    i ditched tt after a couple of months.

    yes its a great platform, and i can see the value for any scalper or spread trader, or anyone who needs to work very large size, but for my very simple needs of submitting a stop or limit order every half hour-hour, it is unnecessary.

    as for tt v the exchanges, i think tt have about as much right to demand payment from the exchanges for every electronic contract traded as coca-cola do for every glass/can of drink (cc or not) consumed in the world.

    i believe that the exchanges laughed harris out of town with that one, which is why he went running after the developers of other software instead.

    nice platform harris, but youre a moron from outerspace and need to get an ego check up.
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    I was trading in the Cbot when the brothers Grim rolled out TT. I loved it. Not so much because it was easy to use. But because everything else sucked arse. My Globex terminal was ok. The Eurex sofware blew. TT was good from the standpoint of being able to execute across market easily without having to have differant machines. The Mdtrader was cool---simply because everything else sucked (f keys on the globex were good---but you guys should have see some of these other contraptions). TT was the one eyed king in the land of the blind. U called itPabst. (hope everything is going well for you ---happy holidays)
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    LOL. Are you for real? Clown.