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  1. Trading Technologies Sues Cunningham Trading Systems and Interactive Brokers -

    Just because some idiot in US Patents determined that "price ladder" can be patented should not mean that they hold the entire trading industry by the balls. Somebody please release the crossplatform code for Book Trader out in the wild (with hooks to popular broker APIs) and put these jerks out of their misery please.
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    Listen, DOM is another fad like Level 2 that was popularized in the heyday of bubble. Before ya know it, it'll become just another useless crap. So why bother?

    In my opinion, here's where the future of trading will be heading: artificial intelligence. The only question is can AI be patented and to what extent?
  3. From my point of view it's a sad thing that patenting a software is possible. In the fast market of software development the best copy protection is innovation and to be creative all the time.
  4. TT has pretty darn good software, but c'mon this is ridiculous. They are just doing this because they won the static DOM case. I hope it gets thrown out.
  5. @schizo,
    DOM is not fad. It is useful to me and countless others. Maybe someday it won't be so useful, but we live here and now. And no, I won't pay a fricking quarter to TT every time I click on a DOM
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    this is just my personal view, but i think this goose is pretty much cooked. heres why:

    md trader/ladder is really on useful to a scalper. other time frames base their decision around other criteria such as x time frame charts.
    the md ladder isnt much use if you trade of 1 hr euro fx charts is it? and if you use fundamental data.....

    others will say they use it to time entries, but i think they are kidding them selves. to read dom is an art/strategy in itself, not another tool in the box. it takes too much perseverance to be thought of as a tool.

    anyway, the scalping gig is done for most now thanks to the bots, algo's etc that constantly screw around. the speed gig of tt is bust here as well. no way you gunna beat co-lo.

    having said that, tt is still the best platform for a futures trader whether you scalp or not. its reliable which is the main thing, and pretty quick. id only use something else if i wanted to trade some exotic contract for longer term duration - which would probably be a spread, so id phone a desk anyway.

    i have spoken.