TT - End of transactional billing w/ GFETC?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bernard111, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Do you confirm me -- Global Futures traders on TT transactional billing (Penson GHCO) -- that as of tomorrow August 1 all the TT accounts will be closed and the traders forced to use another platform?
  2. where did you hear this??? no info here.

    i bet it's just no new clients under transactional TT

  3. I knew of no further clients under transactional since last June; but I've just received an email about the above situation, too... :(

    Maybe my volume is not enought and Penson GHCo decided to trash TT low-volume accounts?... :mad:
  4. Anyone else with the same situation w/ the transactional billing?
  5. I've received another email from the Office Manager, confirming that Penson GHCO will no longer be offering the X_TRADER on transactional billing basis.

    Am I the only one that will be transferred to the Strategy Runner lite platform?!...

    :mad: :eek:
  6. I just got the email too, I am a low volume trader also, so I do wonder if that had something to do with it. Personally, I'm leaning more towards NinjaTrader, as I know nothing about Strategy Runner lite. Any software recommendations anyone? :D
  7. I suspect GHCO makes a simple calculation: if you generate at least 30 rt per day consistently you are worth as a customer since it's the same thing that paying $600 on TT fees on 1 exchange ($1.00 per trade --> $600 rt monthly), otherwise you are discontinued...
  8. After trading on TT feed , in terms of reliability and speed, it's difficult to accept SR on Pats as alternative @ Global Futures.

    I would suggest anyone to look for a TT feed on Ninja or SR platforms or... evaluate a broker that offers TT_Trader but probably the software at the current stage is not fully debugged...or simply Velocity Futures, apparently the only FCM that still offers the transactional billing on X_Trader 7.

    Now that we have a 7.4 platform fast and stable, they are forcing us to look elsewhere; simply they do not care as customers anymore.. that's all folks.
  9. Yeah, I'm kinda pissed off, I stuck with GHCO and had many problems, then they finally added more servers last month. They are full of it to dump us now. Thanks Penson!:mad:
  10. Clearly Penson GHCO wants a better return on their new hardware investments.
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