TT beats Globex

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  1. Trading Technologies -TT- Beats GLOBEX Trader in Head-to-Head Challenge at Prominent Chicago Trading Firm
    X_TRADER®, TT's high speed professional trading software, allows traders to view market movement and immediately react
    CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2002-- Trading Technologies (TT), a leading provider of single-point to multi-market electronic trading software, today announced the results of an in-house test carried out by Kingstree Trading, one of the highest-volume trading firms on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's electronic trading platform.

    Kingstree, looking to settle in-house debate as to whose software allows the fastest trade execution, ran TT's electronic trading system, X_TRADER, side-by-side against GLOBEX Trader, the CME's front-end trading application. Both X_TRADER and Globex Trader are means of accessing the CME's GLOBEX platform.

    "It turned out to be a no-brainer," said Chuck McElveen, owner and founder of Kingstree Trading. "Trading Technologies won the challenge hands down. The feature set and layout of X_TRADER allow us to make trading decisions and enter, delete and cancel orders far more quickly than with GLOBEX Trader."

    "So far," says McElveen, "I have yet to see a better way to sense market movement or a faster way to execute trades. X_TRADER is ideal for traders trading in and out of the market and who need to see instant order flow."

    TT Chairman and CEO, Gary Kemp, acknowledged the importance of the challenge at Kingstree. "In a very direct way, this challenge reinforces our commitment to professional traders. In order to remain the preferred software partner for the derivatives trading community, we relentlessly enhance our already robust X_TRADER system."

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