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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by TradeBolt, Jun 5, 2006.

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    TT Anouncement

    Hands-free Trading™ from TradeBolt™ is now available for Trading Technologies® (TT) exclusively through Velocity Futures and Spike Trading Services. TradeBolt is pleased to announce its partnership with Trading Technologies. TradeBolt is excited to enhance the service TT offers through a variety of automated solutions that will enable clients of TT to get lightning fast order executions with hands-free trading™.
    Release the power™ of your trading system today. TT develops high-performance trading software for derivatives professionals, including the world's premier exchanges, money-center banks, proprietary traders, hedge fund traders, securities brokers, FCMs and other trading institutions. No one knows what traders need better than TT. That's because many of TT's executives, engineers, product managers, sales managers and support personnel are former traders...and some still trade today.
    If you have questions, please contact TradeBolt at 1-800-977-2658 or email

    I don't understand how can Signals from TS.8 send to X-trader through Tradebolt make it work?

    Because TS.8 don't accept any realtime external data and lags, so how you can match data in TS and TT at same time for excution? Am i missing something here
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    Hi Nana Trader

    There are a couple of different solutions to the problem you're suggesting.

    The simplest is to send your orders as MIT (market if touched) orders, where only FILLED signals from TradeStation generate orders in TradeBolt. These orders are sent as Market orders to the broker, and the discrepency between the datafeeds is effectively ignored.

    A more complex, but obviously superior, solution is to use TradeBolt's Universal Link API to access the broker's datafeed directly in your strategy. You will still have TradeStation's datafeed in the charts, which may cause apparent discrepencies, but your strategy will have access to real market data and will make decisions based on your broker's data, not on TradeStation's data.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: or 800-977-2658 (540-254-2000 for international calls).

    Thank you for your interest in TradeBolt.
  4. tt service is the pits.
  5. amen to TT service being the pits.
    just wondering, will tradebolt work with
    the regular TT or do you have to have pro.
  6. Many Wall-Street exchanges and major players switched to linux/unix years ago because of:
    (1) Greater reliability;
    (2) Open Software;
    (3) Cheaper.

    How come TT software still keeps your leg chained to a condemned monopolist?
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    Hi progers82

    TradeBolt connects with TT through their API. You do not need to run any version of TT in order to use TradeBolt through their API.

    Does that answer your question?
  8. Hi tradebolt-
    this may be a completely ridiculous question as I am new to the automated trading world however, how/what is the advantage of using tradebolt over just using the automated trading built into tradestation?
  9. let me see if i understand this. i dont need to subscrib to the TT platform but
    i do have to go through a broker/fcm that has the TT api? is that correct. or do i not even need to do that. and the pricing for TT/tradebolt is? i went to your prices on your website and there is not a category for TT.
    thank you,
  10. artis74


    "tt service is the pits"

    All help desk discussions with TT start like this

    Can you please send us your server logs?
    Can you please send us your work station logs?
    Can you please start an error ticket and we will look into it?

    No response no answers
    #10     Jun 13, 2006