TSX Prop Firm with options and overnight?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TheJay, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. TheJay


    This may not be be need to be a prop firm exactly but even just a 'capital firm' or private investor or something of the like.

    I will preface this by saying I reside in Canada (Vancouver to be exact)

    I am looking for one of two things,

    The first being a prop firm that has the following criteria:
    -Able to Trade on the TSX
    -Able to long and short the same stock (a major gold stock)
    -Allows over night holding as positions can be up to weeks and everything is hedged at all times
    -Able to do options as covered calls and puts are used in my strategy.

    The second being a private investor or investment firm. I can set up as a corporation or whatever legal hoops can be hopped through to work with a firm to get things in writing so everyones safe and secure.
    I am willing to look at working with a private investor but of course this would be a slower process and would need to have many (please no princes that need me to wire them 300k so they can send me back a few million once they get it out of their country)

    I am willing to put up a large deposit to a real firm or investment company.

    I have 2.5 years of ACTUAL (or clever photoshopping but you be the judge of course) trading reports/account growth I can prove.

    The account size has grown from 30k to approx 480k in 2.5 years. with quite little in the way of drawdown. (famous last words)

    I know its not millions but its done well enough that this would be a mutually beneficial relationship.

    I very much understand that all of these systems slow down once they get into multiple millions but this system will be scale nicely into some quite large figures.

    The idea of the prop firm appeals to me as I do not need to be growing the capital any more, I can 'pull a pay check' and not live in a tiny apartment after making 7 grand in 3 hours because I am more concerned with capital growth that square footage. If I am trading through a firm, or something like it, once i produce results,I just get more buying power as well as a paycheck.

    send me a pm or flame me publicly in the forums, whichever you prefer

    Happy trading :)

  2. hiptogo


    i think there would be more if you trade NYSE...
    is that an option? cuz i'm looking but for NYSE
    and found a few in my favor.