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    This guy is selling an on-line course on trading the S and P e-mini, based completely on price action and no indicators. Anyone know anything about him? Any experiences, etc.?

    The web address is www.tsunami-trade.com
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    I do not, but try www.lbr.com, the site of Linda Raschke. She provides the best education I could find. You can become a member for $85 a month and read the transcripts. There is also a lot of very valuable material for free.
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    This guy is awesome. He's on the expensive side, but you should be able to make the investment back in no time. He has got a rigid system that generates about 10 trades per day, with an exceptionally high winning ratio. The system can also be applied to any liquid market.
  4. Another paper legend. lol

    All trades depicted or discussed are to be seen as strictly hypothetical and simulated. Your own trades should be hypothetical and simulated as well. Tsunami Trading does not in any way state or in any way guarantee that any person actually bought or sold, or could have bought or sold, the actual issues for the prices listed in any of the products, services, and materials, or even at prices close to the prices listed. The prices listed are for reference and comparative purposes only, and such prices are in no way intended to represent an actual trade, an actual entry price or an actual exit price. Tsunami Trading does not offer stock, or futures advice, suggestions, or promotion of any investment in any specific market sector.
  5. I just had to bump this up for all the newbies (and veteran) traders alike. I spent a couple of weeks in his trial, first week were flat results at best, second week was god awful, down 5+ pts/day.
    I just met a trader today who said he was scammed on a system for $6500 I asked if it was www.Tsunami-Trade.com with Blade and company, he concurred.
    Blade (the "inventor") does come off sounding well spoken and refined and his afternoon commentator is a wanna be comedian. Both have no talent making calls on the ES and def do not have a system. These guys are as slick snake oil salesmen with a nice looking site...Please heed this...save your $6500 stay away from www.tsunami-trade.com they are scammers and will steal your money. :mad:
  6. Sorrry to hear that another person got taken in by Tsunami Trading. If they had taken the time to do a google search, they would have found all the facts at http://www.mypivots.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1206.

    One of the most troubling things surrounding this scam is the endorsement of Trademaven. They continue to send their own customers to him, and advertise heavily in trade magazines for him. It is obvious that they did not due any research into his method or background. I know of at least 3 complaints filed with the CFTC concerning false statements made by Trademaven regarding Tsunami Trading.

    Blade practically guarantees you will make 4pts/ct/day with his system, "usually by 10:00 or 11:00 AM" according to Blade. Yet his members report he has not had a profitable week in months. He scammed about 85 people so far, but his room had only about 11 students present Friday afternoon, just before he quit after eeking out half a point after 4 trades. On Thursday, a day he referred to "as a good day for the system" he lost 5.25 pts/ct. That should tell you the whole story.
  7. Man, I hate to see the system on a bad day:p
  8. I knew he got some people but 85! That is poor ethics for trademaven they are obviously pretty desperate for commissions at any cost, what a shame. I just did a search for 'tsunami trading' in google and seen that this thread comes up on the first page of the search results right under the scammers site. Hopefully potential scam victims will do some due dilligence and find this thread before sending over any green. :confused:
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    Blade is back in business with a new software tool that uses price and volume. He is running a free trial this week. By the looks of the turnout, about six people, he is a mere shadow of his old self, when 80 were there.

    I'll post the results at the end of the week. The price is now $4999 as opposed to $6000. Must be a supply and demand thing.
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