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    Anyone have any personal experience with the current version of Tsu bot from Tsunami ?? it seems that a few years ago there was alot of controversy about this company. If you have personal experience I would like to hear what you think.


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    I have not used it, but I have also seen the videos, looks impressive, but I'm skeptical about cherry-picking a few good days of trading and putting them online. They are going to be at the Traders Expo in Pasadena next week and I'm going to get some more information from them, especially if they have a money back guarantee. The pricing looks expensive.
  3. Any word on how this program works? I am considering a trial. Do they give you the program to try for a week or do they just tell you how good it works without letting you try it? The report from the Traders Expo looked good but I'm not trying another program without testing it out for myself first. It looked like they only let you join a chat room and watch them use it. If that's the case, i'm not going to spend my money on it. It's way to expensive to watch someone else use it and not try it out for yourself on your own account. It always seem to work different when you get it home and try it for yourself.
  4. A friend of mine bought it > JUNK

    He too was seduced by the smooth talk and looks, too bad he didn't talk to me first

    If you want to be sure it works , ask them for broker statements.

    If it is not good enough to trade it themselves but good enough to sell , it is a SCAM

    Here, an example :

  5. Anyway I can get the setup file from your friend?I would greatly appreciate it
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    Hmmmm. 1 post, registered this month.

  7. LMAO

    classic ET

    cant wait to get three or four copies before it sells out
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    dsss27... you say hmmm, one post this month? Of course, gotta have a first post some time right?

    Just to let you know, I signed up for this forum to make that post because I don't think it's fair to let a bad comment set around about a product. Especially if I have something to add to the conversation.
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    A 5-day track record and 10 trades? Wow...what an amazingly long track record. Give it another 5 days and I'm sure it'll give back everything you've made, adding to the thousands you claim to have lost on scam robots already.

    (If, that is, you're an unbiased customer and actual user of this "bot" :D, which I doubt, based on your "special offer coupon" below.)

    So how much of a kickback per "customer acquired" do you get for promoting this?
  10. Saying you signed up just to post about a commercial product doesn't really add much to your credibility, does it? And when the praise follows the standard stuff I see in my junk email almost every day: "I spent thousands on dozens of systems...", "Trading is now relaxed and stress free..." that's another couple nails in the coffin, wouldn't you say? If it's such a great product, why would you want others to have access to it? Trading is a ZERO sum game after all...If it's great and people think it's crap, so much the better for you, a satisfied user, right? You can chuckle a la "Mr. Burns" all the way to the bank.
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