TST Combine - Entering Algo into TST

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  1. I agree with you with the high probability trades setup, especially with passing the combine.

    Question, what indicator are you using the draw trend lines in NT?

    So for combine here is the goals I have to get funded moneywise:

    Combine goals
    Avoid $2000 trailing drawdown, make $2500 profit target

    Funded Trader Prep
    Avoid $2000 trailing drawdown again, make another $2500 profit target

    Avoid $2000 trailing drawdown again, make another $2500 or more. In funded stage the trailing drawdown is no longer required once account get above $2500. The only rule is don't let the account get to $0 or booted. So I would say once in funded account, assume need $5000 to be safe.

    So lets add it up for the system requirement

    Drawdown goal:

    Daily loss max:

    Profits goal:
    $10K ($2500 + $2500 + $5000)

    Then withdraw $5000 from the funded account 100% free:)
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  2. Good point MidwesternTrader,

    TST uses trailing drawdown. The best way I can explain it is using a spreadsheet I developed to practice passing the Combine. Notice the every profit increases the drawdown. For system building I just ignore the trailing drawdown and stick to drawdown

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  3. https://ninjatrader.com/support/forum/local_links.php

    It’s from their forum, but best to get in habit of drawing your own.

    Aiming for homeruns and scratching the others, minimizing losses is your goal to get through those stages. It’s tempting to trade all the time, but can defeat you.
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  4. Yes, I agree Xela. It cost a bit more per month to accomplish, but you mention a good point I was forgetting lol
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  5. 67D739C2-9FFD-4842-B7D2-06639C82FD19.png
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  6. I passed TST with algo.
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  7. Hello Spectre2007,

    Very very very good trading and accomplishment. Great job and execution well done. :):)

    Few questions please:

    1. How does it feel passing the Combine personally?
    2. Did you stop intervening with the algo during trading day?
    3. Any advice for me and others as I am developing algo in NT to pass and get funded in TST as well?

    Thank you and great job.
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  8. Intraday you have to discern what segment of the day is consolidative vs trending. If you don’t give the opportunity for the algo to work, it will never show you what is possible.

    I remotely checked on it, and didn’t intervene as usual.
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  9. Thanks and I agree with you. Every trade has probability (expectancy) of being a winner.

    I have a question regarding the NT data feed used to back test strategies. Do you use NT free CQG demo data or some other paid data service?
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  10. I paid for tick data couple years ago. You can go back and formulate trade plan and actually look at what would happen. And design algo around that data set. You have to find something inherently inefficient in price action where just by its mere existence in the human framework.

    Most data services don’t give you greater than 3 years of tick data.
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