TSRA Squeeze

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wiesman02, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Beginning to watch TSRA very closely, as I'm hoping to get in if there's any type of a short squeeze.

    Anyone else think there will be a squeeze today ? Could be quite profitable if there is.
  2. Let us know when you get in, will ya?
  3. I'm in
  4. What are you thinking for a stop?
  5. A break of the 20 period MA on the 1 minute candle chart, and I'm out
  6. balda


    What is "A break" a tick below it or close?
  7. How did you end up, looks like you might have made a good trade...congrats!
  8. Sorry, I used a 1 min candle chart. A 'break' for me is when price closes below the 20 period MA. Usually, I dont use that as a stop, but its usually a good indicator for me when buying into squeezes.
  9. Once again, we have a nice candidate for a squeeze. Same type of play as last time.

    Last time the squeeze came around 1:00. We'll see when / if it comes today.

    Should be good for some nice upside if you didnt' already catch the downside movement.
  10. Are you reading the chart upside down?
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